9' Towers

The 9 Emergency Tower provides an easy and economical solution for emergency communication and signaling.
The Towers are compatible with all T2100 Phones. Emergency Phone and Tower Enclosure are sold separately.

The T2100 series of Emergency Phones are designed to withstand the rigors of harsh weather and environments, with electronics sealed with a Mil-Spec protective coating and protected speaker and microphone openings. They can be connected to analog telephone lines from any CO, PBX, or Key system, or integrated into VOIP systems through a VOIP gateway.
9 ft Blue Light Solar and Standard Towers
9 ft Blue Light Standard Tower installed on college campus

Enclosure Features:
  • Dimensions: 9 H x 10-3/4 W x 6 D
  • Blue strobe
  • 11 gauge steel construction
  • White powder coating with blue lettering
  • Custom cameras, lettering, and strobes available

Color Options:
Color Options
White - Equipment Blue - Custom Colors available

Emergency Phone Features:
  • Power: 12-24V isolated DC, or powered from 110VAC converter (provided)
  • True Talk™ Full Duplex Speaker Phone
  • Complies with Americans with Disability Act (ADA) requirements
  • FCC registered
  • Built-in four number dialer
  • Two visual call progress indicators
  • Automatic number identifier
  • Tone feature for patron signaling
  • Two programmable auxiliary outputs
  • Remotely programmable
  • One or two programmable messages
  • Programmable ring count
  • Dual button face plate available

Communication Options:
  • Landline
  • Cellular
  • VoIP

Enclosure Power Options:
  • Solar:
    • 12vdc 90 amp hour battery charged by
      a 145 watt solar panel
  • Wired:
    • 12vdc or 120vac (standard)
    • 277vac
    • 480vac
    • Dusk2Dawn (battery backup)

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9' Towers
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